Forthcoming event at The Church Hall

We have been asked to let you know about this forthcoming event:

Womb Wisdom Workshop, Monday 30 April 10:00–13:30 at Brackenfield Parish Hall

A light-hearted look at our cyclical nature within a safe, sacred space. This workshop will give you the tools and confidence to better understand your body and remember the wisdom that every woman holds in her womb.

The workshop will include circle time, meditation and fun group exercises to explore this marvellous gift we all have. We will receive the womb blessing after the workshop, then enjoy a shared lunch.

*For any woman who wants to explore a more feminine approach to not just surviving but thriving in modern life.

*Learn about the archetypes and inner seasons we move through each month and the super-powers each brings with it.

*Start to move towards more balance in your body which reduces PMS... and period pain, aids fertility and helps you to feel more in alignment with your true nature as a woman.

*Receive the incredible energy of the Worldwide Womb Blessing

COST £35 or £25 each for both you and a friend if you bring along someone I don't already know! Numbers are limited to allow everyone to receive the most they can from the experience so please message or email me to secure your place.

Your host; Jane Kelly
Today I am a Moon Mother, having trained with Miranda Grey. I am also a life coach and a certified Celebrant and have trained with Alexandra Pope from Red School. Most of all though I am your peer in this journey. For most of my life I was completely unaware of the power of a feminine approach to life and the healing that can bring. I have gone from period pains that were so strong that labour was no different (honestly!) to painless bleeds. I am aware of the changing nature of my cycle and work with it rather than against it. I am kinder to myself, healthier and more in balance. I am also well into the changing territory of peri-menopause! It has been such an incredible journey that I can't wait to share with you all!