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Brackenfield Village Association AGM

Brackenfield Heritage Cafe

Thursday 8th June at 10am at Brackenfield Church Hall

Visiting Speaker - Marianne Heading

"Yukon Arctic Ultra" 

  • Marianne, first European female finisher and winner of the 300 mile Yukon Arctic Ultra race ‘the world’s coldest and toughest ultra'
  • Marianne grew up in Ashover and moved back to the village in 2015 with partner Mike.
  • In 2009 Marianne took up ultra distance running becoming the first European female to complete the YAU in 2011 and in 2019 returning to win the race outright.
  • Temperatures on the race regularly reach -40°c and competitors must pull a sled containing all their survival gear for the 300 miles.
  • There are just 7 checkpoints along the 300 mile wilderness route, some being no more than wall tents with a wood burning stove, others first nation village community centres.
  • The race is non-stop, once the race has started the clock runs until the finish line is crossed, so managing rest, avoiding frostbite and staying safe are priority.


Join us for a taste of extreme adventure, hot drinks, cakes and good company








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