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Spring Walk

Saturday 6 April at 10am. Meet at Brackenfield Church Hall

Spring Walk: A short walk round local footpaths led by Peter Pilsbury.
Suitable for families. Followed by refreshments.

Friday 22 February at 6.30pm at Brackenfield Church Hall

Neighbourhood Watch Meeting followed by a short update on the
Neighbourhood PLan.

Free refreshments. All welcome!

Heritage Cafe - Ashover Light Railway -8 January 2019

Richard gave an informative, engaging and entertaining overview of the history of the Light Railway (Passenger and Freight) which ran from 1925 to 1950. The talk was supported by lots of powerful photos of the route, engines, carriages, local industrial sites such as quarries and social occasions. The audience appreciated the detailed description of General Jackson's Clay Cross Company, which was huge in its day, being the largest company in Europe at one point. It was interesting to hear that thousands of visitors flocked to Ashover for their “holiday” from Clay Cross and to see photos and technical drawings of the End of the Rainbow Cafe.

Richard explained, in layman's terms, some of the complexity and engineering challenges of building the railway, which was an impressive undertaking and built on a very tight budget using reclaimed parts and spares from elsewhere. Sadly, though very well used, it was not maintained and fell into dis-repair, eventually being superseded by lorries and passenger buses.

After a brief break, Richard concluded his talk with an account of the Ashover Light Railway Society and their ambitions to reconstruct the Cafe, for which they have all the parts and drawings. This would make an excellent museum and education centre as well as a cafe. Ideally, this would be at Ashover Butts but they are also looking at recreating a section of railway at Rowsley.

  • Fantastic talk. Very enjoyable. Nice company and refreshments. Well worth coming to.

  • Lovely to have such a knowledgeable speaker who is passionate about this subject.


Heritage Cafe - January 2019

Ashover Light Railway

Richard Booth, Chairman of the Ashover Light Railway Society, will give a presentation about the history of this former narrow gauge freight and passenger line, part of which ran through the Amber Valley, from around 1925 to 1950. There are remnants of the track bed submerged under Ogston Reservoir.

Brackenfield Heritage Cafe

Social get togethers for the over 50s with a focus on local history. Meetings usually take place at Brackenfield Church Hall, from 10:30am to 12:30pm, with a guest speaker. Admission is £3.00 per person on the door and includes refreshments. Open to residents of Brackenfield, Wessington and the surrounding areas. Please get in touch if you would like to come along, so we know how much cake we need!

Contact details:

07940 510531

Heritage Cafe - December 2018

Martha Jasko-Lawrence, Curator of Archaeology at Museums Sheffield, brought some fascinating examples of mediaeval Brackenfield Pottery to show the group. These were all finds from the kilns which were excavated in 1972 after local farmer, Mr Prue, found some pottery sherds in his fields. The collection has moved round several museums over the past forty years and is now stored in the archives in Sheffield, so it was good to give some pieces an airing. One member of the group took part in
the dig and was delighted to see the finds again after forty six years. Thanks to Stuart Band for additional photographs.


Feedback was as follows: "Lovely opportunity to meet local people and find out about local history" & "Very interesting and friendly, pity it's only once a month"

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