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May Bank Holiday Festivities.....

Flower Festival in Brackenfield Church & Hand Bells in the Church Hall

26-28 May

Two well dressings in the churchyard - light refreshments in the Church from noon. Amber Hand bells will be in the Chuch Hall giving bell demonstrations and providing light refreshments. Please support.

Contact 999

Please see the attached photo of how to set yourself up for contacting 999 by text rather than phone - this was pointed out to us at the recent training that it could be of interest if ever there was an intruder in our house and it was important to call the police to advise. To use this service you have to set yourselves up firstly. You need to text the word "register" to 999 and you will get an automated response very quickly to which you need to respond "YES" - thats it. Simple and easy.

Life Support/Defibrillator training done :)

All of the group yesterday enjoyed their mornings training on life support and how the defibillator on the Church Hall wall actually works - its nice to know there are now 20+ people in the parish that feel confident on how to help any unconsious person should the need arise. Thanks to all who helped organise the morning and those who took the time to be trained.

Cooker Wanted.....

Do you have, or know of, an electric cooker that is no longer needed? The one in the Church Hall is on its last legs and a replacement in good order would be great! If so, please contact Nigel or Rosalyn on 01773 836137. Thank you so much!

Viewing 81 - 85 of 92 items (Page 17 of 19)
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