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Brackenfield Church Hall

Sunday 5th June 2022

12 noon until 4pm

Bring your own chair, food and drink

(and table if you can)

Family and friends welcome

1952 - 2022

Please make a card showing a memorable family, local or national event and the year it took place and bring it along to peg on our Community Time Line.



Bill Eadson and Terry Faulkner at Wessinton Church on March 12th

If you feel like a local night out, this might be just the ticket....

Carol Service Cancelled

Unfortunatly and with regret The Carol Service @ 3pm on 19th December has had to be cancelled this year. A service at the Church at 9.15am on Christmas Day with Holy Communion is still going ahead.

Green Bin Change to Collection Dates

The first collection of Green Bins will be during the week beginning Monday 22 March 2021. This date, later than previously advertised, is due to a change in NEDDC contractor.

We have a new bench on The Green

You will find a new solid beech bench next to the Nature Reserve on Brackenfield Green. Thanks to Bolsover Woodlands Enterprise Ltd for manufacture and installation and to Brackenfield Parish Council for their contribution towards the cost. We hope that residents and visitors alike will enjoy this place to pause, take a breath and enjoy the view.
Brackenfield Village Association

Viewing 21 - 25 of 92 items (Page 5 of 19)
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