The Griffs

Continuing along this path look carefully to your left and you may be able to see some ruined farm buildings, known as The Griffs, in the woodland.

There are several sites called Griffs in the area. The name comes from the Old Norse “gryfja” meaning pit or hollow.

This is an interesting surviving site from mediaeval Brackenfield, the remains of which are still visible.

In 1657 The Griffs was given to Mary Sitwell by her husband, William Revell of Ogston, as a post-nuptial settlement, along with several other plots of land and including Ogston Hall.

In 1724 The Griffs was a 28-acre farm occupied by John Knowles.

The Griffs is also mentioned in an order by the taxation commissioners dated 22 July 1654. These papers are in the Ogston Estate archives.

Where next?

Follow the path until it re-joins Carr Lane. Turn right and the track will take you back to The Green and the starting point of the walk.