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  • Sat 28-Apr-2018 :: Defibulator Training



The objects of Brackenfield Village Association are as follows: 1. to generate awareness of and interest in the local community, 2. to support local community activities, 3. to develop communication opportunities for residents and local businesses and 4. to work in cooperation with existing village and public bodies to sustain and improve the amenities, facilities and environment of Brackenfield. The Association is always non-political and non-sectarian.

The Association formed in Spring 2017 has adopted the following powers: 1. to raise funds and apply for, invite, obtain, collect and receive contributions, grants, subscriptions, fees & loans, 2. to employ any paid worker or pay any agent to assist in the achievement of the aims of the Association, 3. to hire, rent, lease and own property and equipment necessary to achieve the aims, 4. to affiliate to any local or national group or association that the Management Committee decides is appropriate and disaffiliate from any group or organisation if continued affiliation be, in the Management Committee’s view, against the interests of the Association, 5. to do all such other lawful things as are necessary to achieve the above aims or any of them. This all sounds formal but is necessary nowadays to make sure everything is done to the letter and above board. More Information about what the Association is about can be found on the contact page.


Sat 28 Apr 2018 9.30amChurch Hall : Defibulator Training
Sun 29 Apr 2018 9.15amChurch : Holy Communion
Thu 03 May 2018 6.30pmChurch Hall : Annual General Meeting of Brackenfield Village Ass The first Annual General Meeting of Brackenfield Village Association. Registered members are elligible to vote.
Mon 14 May 2018 6.30pmChurch Hall : Parish Council Meeting Annual Village Meeting as well as PC Meeting
Tue 15 May 2018 6.00pmRestaurant : Neighbourhood Plan : Neighbourhood Plan Meeting - All welcome The Plough - lower restaurant
Sat 09 Jun 2018 9.00amChurch Hall : Community Litter Picking Meet at the hall - gear and tea/coffee will be provided :)

Please visit the diary for more events.